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Cedarbrook Early Learning Center

Our Program

Cedarbrook Early Learning Center provides loving, quality childcare in a Christian setting.  We strive for excellence in meeting the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of children ages 1 month to 12 years of age.  Our open, positive environment allows children to learn from their discovered interests and abilities.  We give children a head start in life skills as well as in academic learning. We believe that every child is a gift from God and that God is an active part of all aspects of our lives. We model Christian philosophies and share the love of God.

Our Mission

Cedarbrook Early Learning Center’s mission is to provide the highest quality childcare and education to the children and families we serve. We provide a loving, educational and spiritual atmosphere so every child has a positive early learning experience. We aim to be an important resource for parents and have a positive connection to our community. 

Our Curriculum Philosophy

Cedarbrook Early Learning Center follows a play-based philosophy to inspire the love of learning in our young students. We strive to meet every child’s individual needs by creating a family-oriented environment, where every child has the opportunity to learn and explore. We welcome families from all religions, cultures, income levels, and backgrounds. We encourage our families to be a part of our center and share what makes their families unique. Our child-focused approach to early childhood education offers a Christ-centered, enriched learning program in a safe and inspiring environment. Our lessons include aspects of both child-led exploration and teacher-led learning experiences.

Teachers at Cedarbrook Early Learning Center seek to be in tune to each child’s cues and attentive to their needs. Activities are planned to engage the children’s interest. Tone of voice is an important consideration in our approach to working with young children. Our classroom environments are set up to be developmentally appropriate for all children that we serve. Our equipment is child friendly and promotes learning through play. Play is a vital part of a child’s day. Play activities influence your child’s total growth, including physical, mental, cognitive, emotional and social development. Children in our program have the opportunity to learn, while also having fun. We also use Biblical values and stories to help teach character and life skills. Our Biblical philosophy teaches children about Jesus’ love and encourages positivity and joy. By providing a safe, positive, and enriching environment, Cedarbrook Early Learning Center partners with families to help our young students learn, grow, thrive, and reach their greatest potential – from their earliest days on!

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