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Starting a Business: 6 Steps for Aspiring “Mompreneurs”

Traditional employers are not always understanding or flexible when it comes to accommodating working mothers. Perhaps you’ve been staying home with your children for a few years, and you’d like to have your own source of income again - but you’re nervous that the demands of a 9-to-5 job would be overwhelming.

Launching your own home-based business could be a solution, and Cedarbrook Early Learning Center could be the answer to your childcare needs! Here’s how to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams as a stay-at-home mom, from designing a child-safe home office to forming an LLC to sending out business cards.

Find the Perfect Idea

Think about different businesses that you could operate remotely from your home. The Daily Guru recommends offering online personal training services, becoming a bookkeeper, consultant, graphic designer, or tutor, or even running an offline business, like an in-home daycare center.

Design a Safe Home Office

Ensuring that your kids stay safe while you work is essential, so spend some time child-proofing your home office. Momma Society recommends covering up outlets, hiding cords behind furniture, using washable rugs to cover the floor, choosing soft decor, and keeping some toys on hand.

Open Your Business as an LLC

In order to get your business up and running, you’ll want to create a plan that outlines your products, services, and general strategy, order any necessary supplies and register your company as an LLC. While you’re not legally required to choose a structure in order to start operating your business, doing so will grant you helpful benefits like limited liability and tax breaks.

Every state has its own set of LLC formation requirements. If you’re confused by the filing process and would prefer not to file on your own, you might assume that you’ll need to pay for a lawyer’s assistance. But instead, you can work with an online formation service, which is generally quite affordable.

Promote Yourself With Business Cards

You can use lots of different marketing methods to promote your business, from posting on social media to putting up flyers at local coffee shops. Handing out business cards is another easy way to advertise your products and services. When you give someone a business card, they’ll have a lasting visual reminder of your company. It’s more memorable than an email, which can easily be deleted.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make business cards! Just pick out a premade template and customize it with text, images, and colorful touches.

Work and Childcare

While child-proofing your home office is one way to balance work and childcare, this is no easy task. Try to complete as much of your work as you can before your children wake up, during nap times, or once they’ve fallen asleep at night. You could also consider hiring help a few days per week or asking a local relative to help if they’re available.

Enjoy Your Free Time

Between running your business and attending to family obligations, it can be tough to enjoy work-life balance as a mother and entrepreneur. To get some downtime, you need to create a fair schedule with your partner. Make sure that you both take over childcare duties outside of work hours for a few hours per week while the other relaxes.

The modern workforce is not always a welcoming place for mothers of young children. But today, there are plenty of ways to make money while staying home. With these tips, you can establish an LLC, print unique business cards, and follow your passion while making money and caring for your children!

Are you looking for childcare during the workweek? Turn to Cedarbrook Early Learning Center! Call us today at 360-379-2271 to learn more about our programs.

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